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Essay on school bags should be lighter - [Essay] Should School bag be made lighter? | Grammar and Essay

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Friday, July 31, at3: Their school bags run into kilos, weighing down their tiny backs and stunting their physical growth or giving them back and spine problems. A committee headed by Prof. Yashpal brought out a report in A. In their 12 point recommendation the committee stated that the pressure on students is worst when too much is taught just before the examinations. There are homework tumblr post many textbooks, densely packed.

The matter is written in convoluted language and teachers just skim through it to cover up the course on time. Make use of the various compartments to put in books, notebooks, stationery and lunch boxes. This will not only help you find things easily, but also distribute the weight more evenly. Posture to carry your School Backpack 1.

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The position of the backpack must be high over the strong essay kinds of teachers muscles, not exceeding more than 4 inches below waistline. Do not lean forward or backwards when carrying the bag.

Maintain a straight back, with the bag just close to your back. Do not carry the bag on one side, hoping to shift to another when tired. This kind of habit can bend the backbone sideward because of asymmetric weight distribution.

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Parent's contribution towards reducing bag weight 1. Parents should encourage and guide the children in arranging the bags required at school. Parents can make it a habit for the child to arrange books on a daily basis. The lighter clutter, bits of papers, broken pencils, etc can be cleaned out once a week. Avoid hard-binding the textbooks. Soft-binding helps maintain the book and also does not contribute to the weight of the bag.

Should can be used instead of schools to carry stationery like pens and pencils. Teach the child to put down the bag while waiting for the bus, essay assembly and other such situations.

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Teacher's contributions towards reducing bag weight 1. Teachers can give clear instructions for the study material to tim burton's cinematic style essay bought the next day. School bags is one of those things which has school in the life of kids. Escaping from school bags will make the lighters lazier and irresponsible.

Rather than banning the school bags, government should mandate the weight up to 5kgs. Instead of having notebooks for all the subjects, we can have just one or two notebooks for all the classes. Similarly, teachers should not ask should students to get all of their textbooks daily, only the mandatory ones should be taken daily.

School bags should be banned!

Also, with the advent of smart classes, there is little need for the textbooks to be carried to schools. Along with this, we need to educate the children regarding the physical problems they can have by carrying heavy schoolbags daily, e.

So, banning school bags is not going to solve the problem completely but there are high chances of it leading to newer problems like children becoming too much lazy to carry heavy loads etc.

As in Australia and other country There is no school bags.

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Soft-binding helps maintain the book and also does not contribute to the weight of the bag. Take out and set aside any old work or garbage, and look through your books and other belongings to see what is truly necessary. This is not an enjoyable experience.