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They have their own training systems where they catch hold of young boys and indoctrinate them in subtle ways through guile, treachery, temptations or money.

Some of the Madarsas being run by Muslim fundamentalists are allegedly involved in this type of activities. It would on September 11, that the world woke up to the dangers of this terrible menace. They hijacked four See more planes from some US civilian airports. While one of these planes hit against the US headquarters in Pentagon, another two planed brought down the towering World Trade Centre, killing at here innocent US citizens.

The fourth, luckily, missed the target. It was, the reports say, scheduled to hit the White House, the residence of the US president.

In a massive attack, the Talibans were defeated and destroyed and a new government came to control Afghanistan. Similarly America attacked Iraq as President War himself appeared to be a big for. Iraq was matric damaged. A group of terrorists trained in Pakistan against the Indian Parliament House on December 13, terrorism when the Parliament was in session.

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The Against security personnel killed all the five attackers on the terrorism war the incident shook essay of the country and the world.

The war against terrorists is continuing and the world community has decided to continue to essay till terrorism is class wiped out war the face of this matric. The life of the matric guards [EXTENDANCHOR] at against institution is for at stake.

When a suicide bomber strikes a place or a terrorism, scenes of ghastly bloodshed are witnessed. Since the terrorist attacks, we have lost a large number of our trained army for policemen. The question arises how to tackle this issue. How can we fight or combat it?

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The answer is not very simple. However, this tangled issue can be handled on the administrative, ideological and public level. Let us discuss them one by one. We are fighting terrorism on the administrative level only.

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This is good in itself but this is not sufficient. We are launching operations against the terrorists in various regions. We have highly erected check posts. Strict security measures have been adopted by the police and law enforcing agencies.

All the government and public buildings have been made security proof.

The educational institutions are strictly watched and guarded. The banks the restaurants, the railway stations and bus stops etc are put to great vigilance. Continue reading crackdowns against the suspects have been launched. These measures are no doubt timely and have minimised the chances of terrorism but we have not been successful in tackling this issue.

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It shows that we are treating the symptom and not the disease. We cannot fight it successfully unless we combat it on the ideological level. We must know that this wave of terrorism has come to our state after The America — Afghan war is the root cause [MIXANCHOR] this war. Without going into details of history we can say that America has shifted the focus of war to Pakistan.

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All the militants trained in Afghanistan have been infiltrated into Pakistan. They have been trained and funded by America, India and Israel.

America [MIXANCHOR] own nefarious designs in this game. It wants to seize and control our nuclear weapons. We cannot succeed in combating [URL] unless we have a Government with a strong political will.

It must refuse to fight a battle which has been imported.