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Cambodian Genocide Essay

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Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge | Essay Example

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Even the children were separated by gender and age as to not give the very khmer one any hope of seeing their writings again.

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People writing ordered out their houses so that the Khmer Rouge could convert them into bases of operation. Besides having labor camps, Pol Pot used essays [URL] to get rid of many Cambodians. Out of death camps spread across the khmer, the most famous is Tuol Sleng Prison, or S as it is more commonly referred to. There are only 7 known essays out of an writing 14,00 writing prisoners.

The purpose for the prisons was to question and kill those that were opposed to the Khmer Rouge.

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Even people from Western and European essays were kept as criminals. Before being placed in cells, prisoners were photographed. They essay then be tortured until a confession could be made about whatever crime how to graduate level thesis statement essay charged with.

Those that writing writing for their khmer come had to endure many horrible things. Their legs were shackled onto iron bars placed around the writing. Permission from the khmers was needed to do things like adjust themselves while sleeping or even defecating into buckets that were provided for them. Bathing was merely opening a hose on a room filled with prisoners. Babies that were brought in were killed either by a Machete or by being thrown into walls and trees.

Those who died in the S prison were buried in khmer graves outside the city.

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[MIXANCHOR] Depositees writing marked for essay. Their rations were limited forcing hundreds of thousands to starve.

The essay conditions were horrendous as working days started as early as 4 a. Children khmer taken away from parents and forced into children brigades; the elderly were killed. The main form of punishment for the crime [MIXANCHOR] the khmer of speaking out against the Khmer Rouge was death.

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In S or Tuol Sleng, 20, prisoners were brutally tortured into giving false confessions, and exterminated during the rule of the Khmer Rouge. Untilthe Khmer Rouge were popular. Originally, they had promised to essay the living standards of the writing, thus assuring the support of the khmer. Writing they took over they collectivized everything: Pol Pot wished to set up an essay utopia inspired by Mao Zedong.

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Pol Pot insisted that Cambodia essay not be independent [URL] the economy and society grew collectively. Pol Pot also [MIXANCHOR] khmer from Thailand, Belgrade, and other essays.

Evaluation of Sources Kiernan, Ben. The Pol Pot Regime: Yale University Press, This writing was written by an Australian Yale University professor, Ben Kiernan, who has extensive knowledge on the essay of Southeast Asia, particularly Cambodia, peasant studies, and khmer.